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June 5, 2015

Playwriter Momtazuddin no more

Prominent playwriter, director and actor Momtazuddin Ahmed has passed away. He breathed his last at Apollo Hospital, Dhaka, around 3:48pm, said Shariar Mahmud Prince a nephew of Momtazuddin, reports Bangla daily Prothom Alo. momtazuddinMomtazuddin, an Ekushey Padak winner, was suffering from old age ailments since long and was in hospital as his health condition deteriorated. Born in January 18, 1935, Momtazuddin Ahmed became one of the pioneering thespians to have contributed to the Bengali culture. Apart f...

Eid of My Childhood

Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan

  Eid- ul -fitr is a celebration that is carried out on a grand scale every year. It is a privilege indeed for one to live in a multi -racial society where people of different races and the religion have the opportunity to mingle with one another during auspicious occasions like this. This is precious time for Dhakaities that Eid -ul -fitr envelopes the city with a spirit of festivity, and liveliness giving away to soothing days of sunshine and verdant evenings redolent with promise of boundless delight. Everything must commence on the right note - having abundance of food, a set or more of new clothes and a pair of new shoes.Furthermore, Eid -ul-fitr used to rate the highest as festival of the...

Youth show Eid kindness to disadvantaged kids

      ------ Sir Frank Peters ----

A revolution to create a better Bangladesh has begun. It’s taking root at grass level in a small village near Gazipur. Nowadays, it’s quite common to hear negative remarks directed towards the youth – and with some justification. More and more school leavers, seemingly, are seen occupying the tattered decrepit seating at village tea shops and exchanging negative views that benefit no one, especially themselves. When truth is depleted, they make up lies just to keep the conversation going and, at times, that can have a more devastating effect on the minds of youth, worse even than Facebook.