Family of missing Malaysia Airlines passenger successfully ring his phone

The sister of Chinese man among the 239 people feared dead on flight MH370 rang his phone live on TV.

maloyasia_bimanThe family of a passenger on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight successfully rang his mobile phone – but nobody answered.

This video shows the moment relatives of a Chinese man among the 239 people feared dead after the passenger jet mysteriously disappeared rang his phone live on state television.

The call connected, but then rang out.

Chinese media reports that a number of families have been able to ring mobile phones of their missing loved ones but no one answers.

The development raises even more questions about what has happened to flight MH370.

The flight is presumed to have crashed off the Vietnamese coast on Saturday, after losing contact with air traffic controllers off the eastern Malaysia coast.

Fears terrorists are to blame are growing as it emerged two passengers were using stolen passports.

An Italian and an Austrian were feared to be among the 239 victims presumed dead after the Boeing 777 crashed into the South China Sea.

But Luigi Maraldi contacted his family to say he was safe and well and Christian Kozel was found at home by Austrian police.

The revelations raise the fear that terrorism may have played a part in the sudden disappearance of the air liner that was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Source: The Mirror