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August 4, 2020

Eradicating illiteracy by 2014 has been made an utter failure

THE government is still far from its election pledge “eradicating illiteracy” made 12 years ago. The ruling party made the promise to eliminate illiteracy by 2014 but the statistics show that around one in every four people is still illiterate in Bangladesh, even though the AL-led government has been in power for three consecutive terms. In 2008, the literacy rate was 48.8 per cent which increased to 74.7 per cent in 2020. The government statistics also show that there are disparities in the literacy rates between rural and urban areas.

Educationists said that giving less priority to illiteracy became part of Bangladesh’s political culture while the promises made to the public are usually linked to election campaigns designed to sway ...

Newspaper hawkers against Covid pandemic    

Newspapers are one of the most powerful media in the world today covering the world's small to large news of different cities, countries and societies around the world as well as the public opinion on various interest , writes Makama Mahmud Chowdhury.

At various crisis moments in the country and abroad we feel so anxious to know the latest updated news and with the help of advanced electronic media and technology we are getting the news much faster than before but still we have to rely on the newspaper to get the details. The only thing that is essential after waking up and reading with your tea is newspaper. But today my writing will not centered to the importance of newspapers rather will revolve about those great people, those pape...