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May 19, 2022

Student politics serves as a beacon for future leaders

MD Habibur Rahman Robin

Student politics emerged in Bengal during the early nineteenth century, adding a new dimension to the state's political landscape. Students' politics took on an institutional shape in the early part of the twentieth century with the rise of the revolutionary terrorist movement, followed by the Swadeshi movement, and finally the non-cooperation movement.

PM seeks financial assistance from ADB for implementing Delta Plan

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sought the assistance of ADB in implementing the Delta Plan She made the request during a courtesy call on ADB Vice President (Operations-1) Shijin Chen at the Prime Minister's official residence Ganobhaban on Monday (May 9th) morning. After the meeting, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Ihsanul Karim briefed the media on the issue. During the meeting, the Prime Minister sought the assistance of the ADB for enhancing regional cooperation, especially in the areas of communication, trade and energy. The ADB Vice President a...

Hasina invites BNP and other political party to join national election

Sheikh Hasina the AL President invites BNP and other political party to join the National election in 2023. At the AL executive committee meeting, PM announced joining them in the national election. In the meeting, some important decisions including the upcoming national election, and the economic development of BD have taken. In her speech, she said AL come to power by proper exercising the voting rights and the people keep their words by voting for t...