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May 19, 2022

Myanmar-Bangladesh’s Relations Through the lens of Strategic Advantages

Parvej Siddique Bhuiyan

Powershift in Myanmar and the subsequent polarization among the major powers triggered a new geopolitical flashpoint in Bangladesh’s strategic backyard, which the latter cannot afford to reluctantly ignore. It seems that the US and other western countries are taking a heavy-handed approach while other big powers, such as Russia, China, India, and Japan, have started explicitly (or covertly) normalizing their relations with the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military). Myanmar always gets priority in Bangladesh’s economic and security strategy. Although democratic Bangladesh has a moral dilemma in supporting the military government, it has yet to formally condemn the military coup or demand Aung San Su Kyi's re...

Consider both physical and mental growth of children: PM

The Prime Minister recommended that attention be paid to the intellectual as well as physical development of the children.

Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, has underlined the importance of children and adolescents participating in sports. She said that there are not as many opportunities for sports in the metropolis of Dhaka. The city's youth are being restricted to apartments across the metropolis. Children who grow up in apartment buildings are beginning to resemble city hens. The best thing for children's development is for their parents to make it possible for them to play with their hands and feet PM mentioned.

Chatkhil Panchgoan Government High School batch reunion held

A batch- of 16 reunions of Chatkhil Panchgoan Government High School was held. This institution is located in the Noakhali district under Chatkhil Upazila.

After a gruelling wait of six years, the school's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) candidates from the class of 2016 got together for a reunion on May 5th. To celebrate the occasion of Batch's reunion, all of the students from Batch have travelled from various locations around the nation to be here those who are now...