How to brew the best coffee

With the winter on in full swing, if there’s one thing that everyone unanimously agrees on, it’s the need to start their day with a hot, steaming cup of coffee.
We tell you how to brew that perfect cup of coffee at home.

girl-drinking-coffee-23432The water you use in your coffee makes a difference in its quality. If you are using tap water, consider running it through a filter first (pitcher or faucet-mounted). The temperature also matters. Ideally, it should never be boiling when it touches the grounds.

So after you boil the water, you could let it cool for about 30 seconds before adding it to the press.


Make sure that you’re using the right grind for your coffeemaker. For a French press, you’d want a fairly coarse grind. Also remember to clean the coffemaker well after every use, especially the holder for the grounds. Residue stuck to the pot will certainly affect its flavour.


Invest in a good coffee-grinder. Coffee tastes best when the beans are freshly ground.

Grinding them at the store makes them lose their flavour and freshness.

Keep most of the coffee in the freezer, but keep some out at room temperature. Coffee tastes better when it is ground up from room temperature beans, so always keep a week’s worth or so at room temperature.

To take the bitterness out of coffee, before you brew it, add a little ‘sprinkle’ of salt to the grounds. It will give a great taste to your coffee.




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