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India to import electricity from Nepal

India has requested Nepal to reduce its trade deficit by exporting electricity to New Delhi. During his meeting with top officials of the Himalayan country in Kathmandu on Sunday, Indian New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah said that it would be the ideal way for the hydropower-rich country to reduce trade deficit. According to Abdullah, it will be a “win-win situation” for the two South Asian neighbours because the proposed deal will not only help Kathmandu utilise its hydropower potential, but also help India meet the growing demand for electricity. India-Nepal

‘No credible evidence’ Diana murdered: police

British police on Monday said they had finished examining new information about the 1997 death of Diana, princess of Wales, but had found “no credible evidence” she was murdered. Scotland Yard police headquarters announced in August it was checking the credibility of recently received information about the deaths of the princess and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, including an allegation that she was murdered by a British military figure. “The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) undertook a scoping exercise to assess the relevance and credibility of that information,” the force said in a statement issued Monday. “That scoping exercise is now complete,” it stated, adding that a formal statement would be made on Tuesday.

Gang rapes persist in India despite growing awareness

The chauffeur’s boss was out of town, so the driver called a friend and said, “Let’s have some fun” — which police say meant finding a woman to rape. Hopping into a luxury car, the two soon spotted their victim — a young software engineer leaving a shopping mall. They lured her into the car by making it appear to be a taxi, police said, took her to a remote spot and raped her with such ferocity that she bled for hours. [caption id="attachment_1862" align="alignleft" width="300"]Delhi_Gangrape Delh...

Long-term unemployment: New challenge for many countries

Unemployment spells for workers are becoming longer in some countries compared to the pre-crisis situation in 2008, according to the new edition of the ILO Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM). “Headlines on a recent decline in unemployment rates hide the bitter reality that many jobless workers are finding it increasingly difficult to get into a new job within a reasonable period of time of 6 months or less,” says Ekkehard Ernst, chief of the ILO Employment Trends Unit. Chances of a job seeker finding a job within a year For example, in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Serbia and Bulgaria, long-term unemployment has increased by 40 per cent or more in comparison to 2008.

Santos quits India due to maritime dispute with Bangladesh

Close on the heels of mining giant BHP Billiton deciding to quit India, Australia’s Santos wants to exit its two oil and gas exploration block in Bay of Bengal due to delays in getting approvals to start work. Santos, Australia’s third-largest oil and gas producer, was in February 2007 awarded two blocks south-east of Kolkata, has written to the government saying it has not been able to carry out exploration in the area because of defence restrictions and maritime boundary dispute with Bangladesh. It offered to surrender the blocks NEC-DWN-2004/1 and NEC- DWN-2004/2 on which it has already spent $60 million, reports Business Standard. Santos had won the blocks, that lie close to Bangladesh border, in the 6th round of New Exploration Licensing Policy.

Little confidence in future of Afghanistan in 2014

A medley of vast conflicts and far-reaching consequences, there’s very little confidence in in future of Afghanistan these days. Karzai, the only president the Afghans have known since the Taliban were driven out, is keen to lose the backing of the American military and close the open checkbook that ensures salaries and benefits for the Afghan army and police forces. Instead, he is insisting on the US supporting a peace deal with the Taliban. The recent Loya Jirga of almost 2500 tribal leaders also supported the US alliance but Karzai is betting the promise of 2014 in signing an accord with the Taliban, which according to him might bring more peace to the nation than a deal with the US military. This is the year that will deter...