Diplomats want to know the solution

Several diplomats from various countries including the US, Australia and others, as well as UN representatives in Dhaka, have termed the ongoing violence as contradictory to democracy. They have asked the government what solution there was to emerge from this violent situation.

The diplomats expressed their concern over the violence, during a briefing by the foreign minister AH Mahmud Ali at the state guest house, Padma, yesterday. The foreign minister said that the government was taking all measures to ensure peace.

hartalSpeaking to several diplomats who had attended the briefing, it was learnt that while the diplomats had asked about the violence, they did not ask much about the attack on BNP chairperson’s advisor and former state minister for foreign affairs Reaz Rahman, the importance of dialogue to resolve the crisis, upholding fundamental democratic rights and so on.

The top diplomats of the US and Australia as well as representatives of the UN only expressed their concern over the violence and asked bout a solution to the situation.

Though they did not ask about dialogue and democratic rights at the briefing, Australian High Commissioner Gred Wilcock called for constructive political dialogue in a statement sent to the media. he said that political dialogue would pave the way to Bangladesh’s future progress. He called upon all sides to resolve the political differences by peaceful means. He called for the right to hold meetings and freedom of expression to be respected.

After the briefing yesterday, foreign secretary Mohammed Shahidul Huq told reporters at his office that the foreign minister had briefed the diplomats of the US, China, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Korea and North Korea, as well as the UN representative, about the current state of affairs.

Foreign minister mahmud Ali referred to two proposals put forward by the European Parliament on 16 January and 18 January. The proposals condemned the violence and terrorist activities in Bangladesh. The European Union demanded a ban on political parties involved in such activities. It was said that BNP should sever ties with parties like Jamaat-e-Islami and Hefazat-e-Islam, involved in violence and terrorist activities.

-Prothom Alo


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