Drone of Bangladesh

Drones are cool. These days kids from Bangladesh are also making Drones. We couldn’t be more proud.

However, if we check into the history of drones in Bangladesh, we will find that the first drone of Bangladesh was not made this year, nor last year. Not even five years back. The first drone of Bangladesh was made 22 years back, in 1992!


Pretty cool, huh? The history of the first drone is pretty interesting. Let’s have a look.

A student of Electrical Engineering of BUET, Md Asifur Rahman Antu had no bigger passion than electronics. Suddenly, he thought of making a drone. We didn’t have internet back then. The only option to Antu was going into a library and go through thousands of different books.

He had no one who could design the plane. So what? Antu found a cercuit design from ‘Popular Magazine’. He added the design to his own circuit.
Antu couldn’t afford actual body parts. So he settled for scraps found from match companies, BUET labs and garbage. He made the engine’s piston out of a used bullet! Antu even made the fuel by himself.
One day the drone flew, along with Antu’s dream.

Nothing is un-achievable if you really want it. Antu has proven that with his drone. If you want, you can get anything. That is the power dreams withhold.


Source: Priyo


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