JnU teacher stays abroad without permission

Allegation has been found against a teacher of Jagannath University over his staying abroad without any sort of official permission from the university administration.

Alleged teacher, Dr. Abdullah Al Baki, assistant professor of Geography and Environment department of the university has been staying in Australia for last three months without any kind official order from the university.

Sources said, Dr. Abdullah Al Baki went to Australia in 2014 in order to pursue a PhD degree. After the completion of the PhD degree in December of 2019, he returned back to Bangladesh and joins the university. Some days after joining the university he once again applied to university authorities for a Post-doctoral degree program. But before issuing the permission of ‘on leave’, the teacher left the university for Melbourne of Australia in 24 May of this year without informing the university authorities.

Following his repeated absent in departmental seminars, different meetings, On July 20, the department chairman brought the issue in the departmental planning meeting. Later, on July 29, Dr. Abdullah Al Baki ensured the department chairman over mobile phone about his urgent overseas trip in Australia. On August 20, the department chairman Professor Dr. Muniruzzaman informed the issue to the university administration.

“Yes, it’s true that I’m staying in Melbourne without any official permission from Jagannath University. However, prior to coming I applied for leave from the university, but that time the university was shut down due to Covid-19 crisis. So I didn’t have any alternative except coming here.”, Dr. Abdullah Al Baki replied to an email massage.

JnU Register Eng. Wahiduzzaman said that staying overseas without any kind permission from university administration is a punishable crime. Punishment by the university is undergoing following the allegation brought against the teacher.

 JnU Correspondent


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