Robi breaks Guinness Record for Bangladesh

Robi Axiata Ltd, in partnership with the Bangladesh Army, has shattered the Guinness Record for Bangladesh with the creation of the world’s biggest national flag with an unofficial count of 27,127 numbers of people, at the National Parade Ground, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar on Monday.

2Nearly 30,000 volunteers from the Bangladesh Army, school children, and the general population, comprising mostly of the youth and enthusiastic professionals, were brought together on this auspicious Victory Day of Bangladesh in an attempt to break the previous record held by Pakistan. The main objective of this attempt was not only to celebrate Victory Day this year in a glorious fashion but also show the world the inner strength and unity of the people of Bangladesh.

The parade ground received an overwhelming number of volunteers who thronged on the venue to participate and hold placards or watch from the sidelines as a new chapter in Bangladesh history was being written.

Speaking during the event, Robi Chief Financial Officer, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, said that Robi had come forward to “mark a historical milestone with our national flag – we thought 16th December was the best day to mark it. Forty-two years back on this day, we achieved our victory… then, just like now, we showed the world our unity and strength.”

The previous record for the largest human national flag was created in Pakistan, on 21 October 2012, with 24,200 participants attending the Punjab Youth Festival at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. The placards, held above their heads, collectively depicted the Pakistani national flag.

A Guinness-accredited auditor was present to oversee the attempt in Bangladesh and will present relevant documents and the images to the Guinness World Record committee for formal validation. On final validation Bangladesh’s name will be put in the record books as the creator of the world’s biggest human national flag.