Science Fair at Bangladesh School Muscat

Bangladesh School Muscat (BSM) held the Annual Science Fair and Exhibition in a festive environment.

Students and teachers of all 12 departments of the school took part at the exhibition. Different innovative ideas and invention of the school have been presented by the concern departments. The fair obtained high appreciation of the Viewers.

bsmUnder the patronage of Principal Lt Col Mahmud Ul Alam (Retd) PhD and Director of Education Affairs Major Nasir Uddin Ahmed (Retd), teachers and students of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, ICT, Social Science, Commerce, Bangla, Arabic, English, Art and Physical Education Department took part in the exhibition.

“We are not only providing theoretical education, at the same time we are highly concentrated in practical experiments also. So that we can nurture our wards properly. This exhibition is part of our regular activities.” the Principal said about the exhibition.

One of the main attractions of the exhibition was the model of the functions of the Economy, presented by the Commerce Department. How the Economy functions – using this headlines commerce department showed how all the activities within the economy are interlinked.

“Everything starts from the demand. Supply arises to fulfill the demand. In between demand and supply, all economic agents act, react and thus reach to the equilibrium. This is the way how the economy operates.” Smitha SK, the Head of Commerce Department explained the model.

Replicas of Shaheed Minar (martyrs’ monument), photographs of the language martyrs and Bengali literary personalities were the highlights of the Bangla stall. So many precious books of the legendary writers including books of the Principal of BSM have also been kept in the stall. English department displayed posters with quotes on language in various calligraphic styles.

Arabic and Islamic Studies Department displayed photographs of the personal items of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Arabic calligraphy, posters, booklets and prayer beads were also on the display.

Harun-Ur-Rashid, a parent got excited watching the exhibition. He said, “I am impressed. This is a wonderful job! We need this sort of exhibition regularly. Because it is very much essential for our children; it helps them to learn quickly and fruitfully.”

Models of windmills, generators, rollercoaster and toy cars displayed at the physics stall were the surprises of science fair. The chemistry stall had models of chemical compounds, and an innovative solution for acid, alkali analysis.

Biology Department showed various biological models. The strawberry DNA extraction was the main attraction at the biology stall. Students of the department also showed different vital organs of human body and their functions.

Hand-made greeting cards, models of the martyrs’ memorial and posters were the key exhibits at the primary section stall.

Social Science Department showed replicas of the Holy Ka’aba and Twin Towers. Models of Water Cycle, Earth Formation and so on have also been displayed. Mathematics Department displayed various models of mathematical formulae.

The ICT department presented on the threats of Internet and health problems while using PCs and laptops. A photo exhibition by staff and students organized by the Art Department was also part of the event. Physical Education Department displayed sports related items.

-Times of Oman


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