Women Chamber hails proposed budget

Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BWCCI) congratulates and conveys its sincere thanks and gratitude to the Honorable Minister, Ministry of Finance as well as the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for announcing a sensible and smart national budget for the fiscal year 2019-2020 today before the National Parliament which could be a milestone for achieving the Vision- 2021 of the government.

BudgetHence, BWCCI as a national platform of women entrepreneurs is expressing its sincere thanks once again for VAT exemption from the show rooms of women entrepreneurs and VAT exemption for the procurement of the agricultural machineries.

However, BWCCI is proposing the following issues to consider and include in the revised budget towards strengthening the process of economic empowerment of women in Bangladesh:

  1. Like the previous year’s budget, the reserve allocation of Taka 100 crore in the proposed budget should be continued for  women entrepreneurship development.
  2. Setting up the personal income tax limit for women is Tk 4 lakh.
  3. Provision for 3 years Tax holiday for women entrepreneurs.
  4. VAT and Tax exemption from the cost of the women entrepreneur’s development institutions for attending training / fairs / seminars / workshops.

BWCCI firmly believes that, the present government is a women friendly government which is a prerequisite to the comprehensive development of the country. If the above proposals are considered in the revised National Budget 2019-2020, the economic empowerment of women will be strengthened. As a result, the women entrepreneurs would be able to uplift their role in the overall development of the country towards achieving Vision- 2021 and Sustainable Development Goal by the year2030.


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