100-year Bangladesh delta plan on cards

The hundred-year long scheme titled Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 began in March this year and be finalized with the financial support of Dutch government in 2016, according to officials at the planning ministry.

Bangladesh’s planning commission will supervise the initial tasks at a cost of 87 crore taka. Expert from 11 organizations have been working to conduct researches on at least 20 aspects of development over the Himalayan delta plan.

SundarbansBangladesh’s Centre for Environmental and Geographic Information Services and the Institute of Water Modelling have been working as local experts while the nine other organizations from the Netherlands will provide support to necessary researches.

Bangladesh has been divided into eight geo-ecological areas, and the plan will be finalized based on their characters and requirements, Prof M Monowar Hossain, executive director of Institute of Water Modelling said.

Earlier the government had undertaken different initiatives including national water management plan, integrated coastal management plan, haor development master plan and national water resources management plan as development measures along with saving nature and ecology.

Planning minister AK Khandker and Dutch Minister for Development Ben Knapen signed a memorandum of understanding in Dhaka on March 22 focusing on strategic partnership on sustainable delta management based on the experience of the Netherlands.

Prof Shamsul Alam, member of Planning Commission said that the government has been taking into consideration issues like climate change, water resources management, river dredging and construction of embankments in a coordinated approach.

Reducing the negative impacts of climate change will be the prime future of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, he added.

Earlier, the countries like Vietnam and Indonesia undertook coordinated approach for development.