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A government for all in the polls-time

A. R. Farrukh Ahamed

What would have happened if the result of the 1970 election were conceded by the then West Pakistan government? In fact, the logical outcome of not respecting the people’s verdict of the 1970 election was a war in 1971 that ultimately resulted in the birth of a new country, Bangladesh.   Bangladesh, no doubt, was born through a struggle for democracy. So whoever snatches away our right to democracy, we believe that they are trying to make us subdued as the Pakistan junta did. In 1990, we w...

Bangladesh and its position in the environmental protection indicator index

Saaif Rasul

After some improvement in environmental protection, Bangladesh's position has gone down again. Bangladesh ranks 16th out of 180 countries in the Global Environmental Protection Index published last week. Earlier, in 2020, Bangladesh was ranked 162nd on the list. This position in the list shows that the situation in Bangladesh is rapidly deteriorating on important issues such as environmental health, ecosystem, biodiversity, and climate change. The global report was ...

Half of all hypertension patients are unaware of the fact

Dr. Taslima Akter

In this day and age of seemingly endless stress, hypertension or high blood pressure is emerging as an increasingly common comorbid condition. An individual’s blood pressure changes each day, depending on her/his movement and activity. However, if you have hypertension, it means that your blood pressure is chronically higher than it should be. May is High Blood Pressure Education Month, with the 17th of the month observed glob...

Orientation on adolescent, youth friendly healthcare services at Bandarban

A 3-day orientation session on adolescent and youth-friendly healthcare services was completed at the Mother and Child Welfare Center in Bandarban on the initiative of Our Lives, Our Health, Our Futures (OLHF) project. The session started at 10 am on May 17, 2022 and ended on May 19. The Orientation Session was attended by 43 participants including Medical Officers, Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officers of Health and Family Planning Departments of District & Upazila Level, and Family Planning Officers of Bandarban Sadar, Rowangchhari, Thanchi Upazila.

Myanmar-Bangladesh’s Relations Through the lens of Strategic Advantages

Parvej Siddique Bhuiyan

Powershift in Myanmar and the subsequent polarization among the major powers triggered a new geopolitical flashpoint in Bangladesh’s strategic backyard, which the latter cannot afford to reluctantly ignore. It seems that the US and other western countries are taking a heavy-handed approach while other big powers, such as Russia, China, India, and Japan, have started explicitly (or covertly) normalizing their relations with the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military). Myanmar always gets priority in Bangladesh’s economic and security strategy. Although democratic Bangladesh has a moral dilemma in supporting the military government, it has yet to formally condemn the military coup or demand Aung San Su Kyi's re...