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Saidpur City

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Saidpur is an excellent example of communal harmony. The people here are very emotional and peace loving. So it can be said- Come and see. How peacefully both the inhabitants are living! No malice and no hatred among themselves. There is also the airport attached to the cantonment which is just waiting to be declared as an international airport, which is the most significant and important thing in this town, writes Makama Mahmud Chowdhury.

Females’ drug addiction threat to social fabric

Ria Rahman (not real name), aged 28, landed in trouble as she got addicted to drugs being motivated by her husband. Before marriage, Ria, a resident of Mohammadpur in the capital, knew her future husband as a drug addict. She thought that she would be able to correct him after marriage. But her assumption proved wrong. After marriage, frustration gripped her as relations with her mother-in-law deteriorated due to maladjustment with her.

Youth show Eid kindness to disadvantaged kids

      ------ Sir Frank Peters ----

A revolution to create a better Bangladesh has begun. It’s taking root at grass level in a small village near Gazipur. Nowadays, it’s quite common to hear negative remarks directed towards the youth – and with some justification. More and more school leavers, seemingly, are seen occupying the tattered decrepit seating at village tea shops and exchanging negative views that benefit no one, especially themselves. When truth is depleted, they make up lies just to keep the conversation going and, at times, that can have a more devastating effect on the minds of youth, worse even than Facebook.

Dahala Khagrabari!

Dahala Khagrabari is a geopolitical anomaly. It's a piece of India that until very recently was completely surrounded by a piece of Bangladesh, which itself was completely surrounded by India, which was again completely surrounded by Bangladesh. An enclave is a piece of one country's territory which is entirely surrounded by another country's territory, and the India-Bangladesh border was filled with them before 2015, when they were eliminated by a treaty between the two countries. A second-order enclave is an enclave inside an enclave, and the world has a handful of them. But in the history of the world

Raising ducks changes destiny of Hamid Mollah

The Chinese, even the ancient Greeks believed in ducks as companion of fortune. It might have been a simple belief or a taboo, but for Abdul Hamid Mollah of Ullahpara, Sirjganj, raising duck has symbolized his great fortune. His ‘Molla Hatchery’ has become an icon of overcoming his and many villagers’ poverty and bringing a great esteem of earning an enviable livelihood. A ride off 3 kilometer from Ullahpara town and leaving Bhutgacha bus-stand for a little walk, one will smoothly reach his hatchery at Bhutgacha village, because it is now so known to everybody there. ‘Mollah Hatchery’ is equipped and has the expertise to hatch duck chics from 25 to 28 days. “Islami Bank,” testifies Monsur Ali, a villager and an admirer of Hamid, “has totally changed Mollah’s destiny.” In 2011 Hami...

IBBL SME Investment: Golden success in silver initiative

Golam Nabi of Natore, could not progress in academic education but dreamt to be self-reliant. He began fish farming in 1994 with a small funding of his own. He started production of fish fries commercially and supplying those to the local farmers. Though the local people were hardly interested in fish firming primarily, Golam Nabi did not stop to manage them. He continued fries production steadily and marketed these in locality with own resources. Gradually he got positive response from local farmers in fish firming. He finds no alternative but expanding business. But he could not do that due to lack of fund. His initiative never stopped though the business was running with severe financial crisis. Fri production and fisheries were sluggish due to fund crisis. IBBL stood beside Golam Na...