20 lakh BDT for costumes!

“Jalil makes impossible, possible”

We are pretty familiar with the above mentioned phrase. However, his wife, Barsha has showed that she is no less than Ananta himself.

What did she do to surpass him, you ask?


Well, Barsha has a budget of 20 lakh BDT for her constumes in just one song. Yes, you’ve read correct. One song.

No heroine in Bangladesh has had a budget this high for costumes.
According to Barsha, “We make the highest budgeted movies. Hence, we leave no stones unturned to entertain our audiences. If it takes expensive clothing, so be it.”

She also mentioned that apart from the costumes, the locations are also extremely beautiful. As an added bonus, Jalil’s costumes hold a special surprise.

All these details, make you want rush to watch Most Welcome-2, doesn’t it?