Bangladeshi General extends open invitation to Liberian army

The reformed Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) continues to get international goodwill from friends and partners as the rebuilding process of a new and vibrant army remains on course.

Currently soldiers of the army are making contributions to the United Nations Peace Keeping Mission in Mali for the first time in over two decades, but at the same time other friendly nations are offering support to the army.

BD-liberiaA senior official of the Bangladeshi army, one of the countries serving as major contributor of troops to United Nations Missions around the world, has offered training opportunities for members of the Armed Forces of Liberia in his country.

Army Lieutenant General Mohammed Mainul and a five-man delegation of the Bangladeshi Army during a courtesy call on Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai Tuesday, June 17, 2014 said the visit was intended to strengthen the bilateral relationship between both countries.

During the meeting held at the offices of the Ministry of National Defense in Monrovia, the Bangladeshi General extended an invitation to have a mix team of military and civilian personnel from the Ministry of Defense to travel to Bangladesh for training in various areas.

“In Bangladesh, we have a number of trainings for officers. We also have a staff college and the national business college. So what we can do is to extend our offer to you through our ministries to send a mix team of military and civilians for training in Bangladesh,” said General Mainul.

The Bangladeshi army official offer comes in time when Defense Minister Samukai told the General of the brilliant performance of AFL officers who attended training in Bangladesh and asked for more exposure for the military.

“General Mainual, you know that we are a developing country and we are hoping for exposure to learn the experiences and skills that Bangladesh has in service to humanity. We hope to benefit from some of the skills that your people have in medicine, because Bangladesh is one of those producers of medication around the world,” Minister Samukai said.

General Mainul in response to Minister Samukai’s request said he had seen Liberia’s local markets, with the price of medicine so high that he feels ashamed because he has so much medicine in his home that are sold cheap.

“Drugs like pain killers, antibiotics are so expensive here and it is far cheaper in my country. We manufacture medicine in Bangladesh, so you can look at the factories and see if you want to have a factory established here. Therefore, I have come here with this open invitation to you, so that a team from here can come to Bangladesh to view the prospects that will be very nice.”

Minister Samukai thanked the General and said Liberia would take advantage of the offer and visit Bangladesh to see other manufacturing industries as well.

“I believe Agriculture is a very strong hold of Bangladesh. Definitely, we will try to combine a team of both military and civilians as soon as possible to visit Bangladesh. I believe that Madam President will also be pleased with the bilateral relationship that is not only on the military side but the civilian side. And I must congratulate you for having one of the largest peace keeping troops in Mali.”