4:32 pm - Thursday September 25, 9406

Bangladeshi SIMs in Mayanmar

About 50,000 Bangladeshi sim cards are used in Mayanamar, right beyond the border of Arakkan. No, not for good purposes; but for illegal activities.
These unregistered SIM cards of Grameenphone, Robi, Citycell and Airtel and they are used for smuggling of arms and Yabba.


Posing a threat to Bangladesh, Criminals and citizens of Myanmar are using Bangladeshi network to establish communication with the whole world.
Mobile network companies are aware of this matter and have extended their network frequency to a vast area of Myanmar for revenue.

A customer care official of Robi sought strict anonimity in telling informed that there are about 50,000 illegal SIM cards of various Bangladeshi companies in Myanmar.

“Revenues are earned in lakhs from these connections. These SIM cards passed the border long ago when there were flexible regulations on the purchase.”

Teknaf 42 Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Captain Lt Col Abuzer Al Zahid admitted the availability of mobile network in Myanmar territory.
“The matter is concerning,” he said, promising to inform his higher authorities regarding the matter.

Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ruhul Amin also admitted to the matter and said steps will soon be made for border security and prevent smuggling.

Talks will be held quickly with mobile operators regarding these illegal SIM cards and limit the frequency near the border area, he commented.

Courtesy: Dhaka Tribune