Bank Asia holds workshop on corporate governance

With the global financial crisis of 2007 along with BASEL-III knocking the door, also banking system’s endeavor to align with the global standard “Corporate Governance” has emerged as a major component of a strong organisational culture. As such Bank Asia led the way by inviting International Finance Corporation (IFC) to conduct a comprehensive workshop on “Corporate Governance”.

pixMr. A Rouf Chowdhury, Chairman of Bank Asia inaugurated the workshop at a local hotel in the capital city Dhaka on Saturday (18 October, 2014). Chairman of Risk Management Committee of the Bank Mr. AM Nurul Islam, Vice Chairman of Bank Asia Mr. Mohd Safwan Choudhury, Chairman of Executive Committee Mr. Rumee A Hossain and President & Managing Director Mr. Md. Mehmood Husain, Senior Country Officer of IFC, Dhaka Mr. Mohammad Rehan Rashid, other Board Members of Bank Asia and top officials were present.

Objective of the program was to provide a clear view on best industry practices on corporate governance alongside a guideline on undertaking the necessary steps forward to improve the overall risk culture of the organization.

Ms Anne Molynenx, an expert on Corporate Governance (CG) described different aspects on “Risk Management” while Ms. Sheela R. Rahman, another CG scholar & Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court delivered on “CG in Banks: Principles to Practice” at the workshop to strengthen the risk management framework.