BD wants to contribute to Oman’s progress

Bangladesh can contribute to continual socioeconomic progress of the Sultanate, visiting State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Mohammed Shahriar Alam, has said.

Bangladeshi expatriates living in the Sultanate can be a part of the tremendous ongoing development, he said. “Bangladeshi expatriates have contributed to the remarkable economic development of the bd-omanentire Middle East. Our skilled and experienced expatriates could still be a part of this progress,” said the minister.

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While visiting the Bangladesh School Muscat (BSM) recently, at the very beginning of his speech he paid homage to the great leader and the architect of the modern Sultanate, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. He thanked His Majesty on behalf of the people and the government for his continuous support to Bangladesh and the expatriates living in the Sultanate. He also exhorted the students to do better in life.

“You are fortunate, you have got the opportunity to study at such a prestigious institution in a wonderful country. Ensure the best use of this opportunity and get ready to do best for the Sultanate and for Bangladesh.” said the minister.

On Monday, he visited the school along with Sheikh Sekander Ali, the ambassador of Bangladesh to the Sultanate, and Fahad Al Belushi, senior officer of protocol, Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of both countries accompanied him during the visit.

After paying homage to HM, Sk. Sekander Ali said, the school is the symbol of unity of the Bangladeshi expatriate community in the Sultanate and highlights the image of Bangladesh.

Dewan Ali Ashraf, director of the state minister’s office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh, Shahid-e-Manzur Masum, chairman of the standing committee on Freight and Forward Affairs, Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) also visited the school with the minister.

Iftakher ul Hasan Chowdhury, chairman, Bangladesh Schools Muscat, members of the Board, Principal Lt Col Mahmud Ul Alam (Retd) PhD, Major (Retd) Nasir Uddin Ahmed, director of education affairs, were also present during the visit.

Before a very charming cultural programme, teachers, students and staff of the school accorded the minister a very warm welcome on the red carpet.

– by Times News Service