Building future with bricks of knowledge

Education has always been the backbone for a nation and teachers are considered as our nation builders. Ever since mankind discovered light at the end of the tunnel, science has added enhancements to reach there. Through education, students gain knowledge, skills, and values to address the environmental and social challenges of the coming decades.

svrbTeachers are main contributors of education as they pass on knowledge and values in every generation as they play crucial roles in developing and touching one’s life. Systems of schooling involve institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum, which itself is established according to a predetermined purpose of the schools in the system. As a part of Creating Shared Value (CSV), Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) always participates to enhance technical skills of teachers.

The purpose of the this noble activity is to empower teachers by providing a proficient understanding of the types of technologies available and how to implement those technologies which ensures overall improvement and measurable growth in student achievement through active engagement.

It has given great benefit not only to the environment but also to the organization and the employees who work here in SRBD. The contribution in the education sector is a great job! It is just like adding milestones in highway to a successful future. The employees can interact with the outside world in order to teach what they have learned to be a successful person.

So far, it has been a great journey! A journey where SRBD tried to build a bridge of information technology, teach and guide the nation builders and fill up the gaps where there is a lacking…

The periods of sessions already took place this year. The participants were the teachers from primary and secondary school. The trainers were the SRBD employees. The project started with around 25 schools. The participants were very responsive. They interacted very well. And as our goal has always been, “To aid future generations of Bangladesh growing with technical frame by 2021 by upgrading technical knowledge of school teachers”.

SRBD is always trying to provide all the technical knowledge on computers to the participants. In consequence to that, participants will be able:

To deliver basic clear information related with latest information Technology to students

Each and every step that SRBD planned to take turned very fruitful. A week long session to the developers seemed to return a life-long favor to SRBD. The success rate of the participants was tremendously admirable. It is around 87%!

The Managing Director and the CFO of SRBD have always been a great support in implementing such activities and make it come true. SRBD is highly delighted by the active participation of the participants. SRBD is continuing this CSV activity relentlessly and is trying to create a difference in the society in the education sector.