Car trading eyes lucrative Bangladesh market

The car trading scenario in Bangladesh has grown and evolved, and has reached a point where everything from small to luxury cars are no longer novel ideas to its people. The country has seen an emergence of businesses and lifestyles in recent years and so does here in using luxury cars.

‘We are no longer stuck in the days when modern technology and the trends followed worldwide were foreign concepts to us, reaching us months or even years too late’, says a buyer while making his choice in buying a new car.

motor show
Models pose with a car on display at the fourth Dhaka Lucas Motor Show at Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre in the Bangladesh capital in March’ 2009. Photo: Courtesy.

With the help of globalization and the spread of the World Wide Web, we, the people of Bangladesh are now connected and up to date on the goings on of various things around the globe, including things such as music, movies, literature, culture and also technology, he added.

Cars are meant to be enjoyed, not merely travelled in

While on the topic of technology, one of the major influences of the modern day is certainly vehicles. Today, cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and things alike are no longer mere transportation devices. People’s vehicles are now much more to them, as well as to third parties. They symbolize the driver’s taste, status and personality.

It is safe to say that the society of Bangladesh and its automotive market particularly has come a long way from the days when Toyotas ruled the streets to now, when even Audis and Mercedes Benz are available.

Over the years, therefore, the car trading in Bangladesh has developed and reach a point where everything from small to luxury cars are no longer novel ideas to our people.

Connectivity to the world

The most influential of the factors that has made this happen is the Internet. This can be explained in two parts.

Firstly, internet access has allowed the people of Bangladesh to be aware of about the cars being manufactured and used worldwide. Browsing, advertising, exposure to foreign TV shows and movies and even communication with acquaintances abroad has led us to a point where the people of our country are not only aware, but also knowledgeable enough of the car scene worldwide to be able to judge for themselves what brands are better, what models are better and what to choose over others.

Secondly, the internet has led to the emergence of websites within Bangladesh which further enhance the car trading experience within the country.

There are websites like, where vehicles are bought and sold with ease and convenience, as well as other websites of dealers such as, or websites such as where general information and news can be looked at for vehicles market in Bangladesh.

Being able to buy and sell, or merely look through their options in the market, from the convenience of their personal computers, has led to a massive growth in the car scene in Bangladesh, especially the major cities of Dhaka and Chittagong.

As the market and demand have grown, so has the supply. More and more cars are now being imported into the country, from well known brands such as Toyota, Honda, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc. As a result, the car trading scene in the country continues to thrive and grow, reaching more heights and satisfying the automobile fantasies of more and more car lovers.