4:42 pm - Thursday January 18, 6768

City commuters in scarcity of public sanitation

Speakers in an event in the capital have expressed concern over the public sanitation system in the city, especially for the commuters. They have urged to construct proper sanitation facilities, primarily safe and hygienictoilets, for the commuters.
The event was organised marking inaugural of a new public toilet at Gabtoli Bus Terminal in the capital. Dhaka North City Corporation has constructed the establishment with support of H&M Conscious Foundation through WaterAid Bangladesh.The public toilet will have separate toilet chambers and shower facilities for men and women and persons with disability. It will also have a left luggage locker service for the toilet users.
Picture 1A professional cleaning company will take over its regular cleaning service and maintenance. Janata Bank will support the regular cleaning service for the next three years out of their CSR. This kind of management, first of its kind, generated optimism amongst the policy makers as a model solution to the existing appalling situation of public toilet. Mr Monjur Hossain,Senior Secretary, Local Government Division;Her Excellency Ms AnneliLindahl Kenny, Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden; Ms Helena Thybell, Global Manager, H&M Conscious Foundation; and Professor AbulBarakat,Chairman, Janata Bank were among the presence at the event.
The speakers said objective of these undertaking is to deliver proper sanitation services in Dhaka city. “We are also looking forward to building the capacity of local government, and advocate for greater accountability from the authorities. We like to ensure that Dhaka’s population can access suitable public water and sanitation services”, said the speakers.
It is found that out of 47 public toilets in Dhaka, more than half are not in minimum serviceable condition. Out of the total, 35 do not have facilities for women and children. The scenario reflects alarming and hazardous environmental health of the city.Besides, across all types of public toilets, the quality of services is generally poor and the provision of facilities for females and for the persons with disability is almost absent.
Under project SUNRISE,WaterAid is building and renovating public toilet management in Dhaka city. To facilitate this process, Dhaka City Corporation North and South have agreed to provide space in different crowded places as well as under different foot-over bridges where construction would be feasible. This four years project is funded by H&M Conscious Foundation.