Dettol Shera Ami Shonge Maa announced

After tremendous response from season 1 and season 2 , Dettol Shera Ami Shonge Maa embarked into its third season in 2014 in search for the Best Mom-Child pair of the country.

Picture DSASMReckitt Benckiser’s flagship brand Dettol, which for the last fifty years has been working tirelessly to ensure healthy development of Mom and Kids through its activities, yet again to bring to life this unique concept where a Mom-Child pair showcases their talents on the stage.

The judge panel was graced by the presence of the following renowned artists: Shampa Reza, Munmun Ahmed and Saberi Alam. The show was anchored by renowned anchor artist Munmun.

Over 10000 entries were received in initial registration round from where 500 Mom-Child Pairs were called for the audition rounds. 40 Mom-Child pairs were selected from the audition to compete in the main rounds. Finally after going through intense rounds the judges chose the Final Top 5. Throughout the competition the participants were groomed by professionals to choreograph and improve their performances. The pool of contestants was more diverse than last seasons with contestants hailing from across Bangladesh. Contestants performed in music, dancing, stage acts, recitations etc.

The Gala was aired live on 8th January. The Gala event was a grand arrangement with the last performance by the finalists to prove themselves along with celebrity performance which was a great fest for the views who saw it live. The winners’ prizes were handed over by Mahbub Baset, Marketing Director of RB Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Cluster, Nayan Mukherjee, COO & Finance Director, RB Bangladesh-Sri Lanka Cluster and CEO of RTV Ashik Rahman.

List of winners:

Child Mom Result
Afifa Antara Jhilik Nahida Parvin Panna Champion
Syed Arbin Ayan Khadija Khanam 1st Runner Up
Ahad Sultan Alif Salma Akter 2nd Runner Up
Saif Al Imam Sota Afroza Shelly
Jannatul Hiron Adiba Zaireen Sultana