4:42 pm - Tuesday January 18, 1825

Dhaka Tribune goes compact

Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh’s one of the fastest growing English daily, is turning compact from March 1.
The smaller newspaper is less cumbersome and has a modern reader-friendly design, which makes browsing through the dtnewspaper a pleasant experience to look forward to every day.
The 32-page compact newspaper measures 14.25” tall and 11” wide, the same size as a broadsheet paper folded in half.
As a Bangladeshi newspaper of international standard, the Dhaka Tribune’s shift to a handy new size is comparable to the format widely adopted by reputed newspapers around the world. Over the last few years, globally renowned newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Times, The Independent and The Guardian have all become smaller in size.
Dhaka Tribune believes a daily newspaper can be a great read.
With something for everyone every day, the Dhaka Tribune compact is 32 pages of daily news, sports, opinions, comics – and for the first time, daily lifestyle and feature content – all woven into a single package. The smart pagination makes the different sections flow seamlessly into the next, offering a varied and balanced reading experience.
It will also continue to provide readers with the same, high standards of journalism, thought-provoking stories, and sharp opinions.
Dhaka Tribune compact is conveniently priced at Tk300 per month, with a special 50% discount just for students.
The new size is also a boon for advertisers, since the same sized ad that covers only half the page in a traditional broadsheet page now takes up a full-page in the compact, ensuring readers’ undivided attention.
Over a span of only two years, the Dhaka Tribune has made a name for itself among the young and upwardly mobile readers of Bangladesh. As a young newspaper, they are constantly trying to exceed expectations not only in terms of news reporting, but also in meeting readers’ demands.
So fold your old-fashioned broadsheets and put them aside. Let the all new Dhaka Tribune compact redefine the way newspapers should be: The news you want. No more, no less.