Emami Annual Sales Convention held

Emami Bangladesh Ltd, a toiletries manufacturer and strong wing of world famous Emami group held its annual Sales Conference for the year 2014-15 at a local convention in Dhaka on Monday.

Mohsin Ahmed, president – Emmai SAARC cluster inaugurated the event, according to a press release. Mohsin Ahmed in his speech discussed about the achievements and failure that the company image00faced during the year 2014-15, and also shared his vision among the fellow team members. Hamid Khan, National Sales Manager discussed regarding the necessary steps that are required to achieve success in sales for the current year. Hasan Mahmud, Senior Brand Manager discussed the marketing strategy that will be implemented for the current year of the company.

In total 100 members from the sales force along with other officials of the company attended the conference. Sales force was awarded for their best performance during 2014-15.

The conference concluded with a dinner and a cultural program.