EU calls for credible city elections

The European Union has insisted that Bangladesh’s all actors “must refrain from any actions that could spark further violence” in the run up to city polls on 28 April.

“We look to political leaders to create favourable conditions for peaceful, inclusive, eutransparent and credible elections to take place,” the EU spokesperson said in a statement issued in Brussels on Friday.

A number of international actors including the United Nations and the United States issued similar statements underlining the importance of peaceful voting in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Without referring to attacks, and signs of intimidation during polls campaign, the EU spokesperson said, “Voters must be given the opportunity to express freely their democratic choice.”

The EU made its call addressing the political actors, although the local government elections are not a party affair.

“All political actors should take concrete steps to end violence, de-escalate tensions and engage in a constructive manner, for the long-term stability and democratic development of Bangladesh,” added the EU.

-Prothom Alo