Floral decoration for a housewarming party

flower-640Experts give tips on doing up your home with flowers when you first invite friends and family over after moving in.

Everyone loves to show off a new house and what better way to do that, than by throwing a housewarming party. Weave a party theme, colour scheme or floral arrangement through your house. Let your home decor take centre-stage or dress it up with rainbow colours, spangles, lights and flowers, say experts from leading flower retailer Ferns N Petals.

You can never go wrong with floral decoration. A popular decoration tool, flowers not only enliven the place with their presence but also add fragrance to the ambience. Flowers chosen in combination such as lilies and daisies or carnations and roses are a great way to make the place blissful.

Use unusual methods
Place single blooms in shot glasses on the bar. Place bunches of cheery daisies or tulips in plastic sand pails from the toy store. Herb or eucalyptus bouquets are especially fragrant and pretty in hallways and bathrooms. The louder the decoration, the more the focus shifts away from your new house. Now, that is something you wouldn’t want to happen; after all, you have spent a large portion of your hard-earned money for the house.

Choose a theme
It’s the first time your relatives, colleagues and friends are seeing your new apartment, so right from the sitting area to the bedroom, everything should be well decorated. You can also choose a colour theme. For instance, if you have chosen green, decorate your house with green cushions, green streamers, green sheets, green covers and plants.

Keep the time in mind

If you have invited people over for lunch or dinner, make sure the table is laid out beautifully. Have a floral centerpiece and even if you are using paper plates and disposable glasses, arrange them neatly. If the party is in the evening, make sure your house has proper lighting. This will help you accentuate the beauty of your new home without much effort.

Pay attention to detail
Your entrance needs a masterpiece, just the way a great story needs an excellent title. Vastu say that there must be a mirror in front of the main gate as soon as you enter a home and what better to accompany the mirror than a pair of orchids? It adds warmth to the feel of the decor.

Candles spread across the house add a nice touch. Put some cinnamon sticks and orange slices in a pot of water on the stove to let off a sweet fragrance. Place bouquets on the dining room table, bedside tables and a low arrangement for the living area. One idea is to order one large arrangement from the florist and handpick a selection of smaller blooms you can cut for smaller vessels for areas like the bathroom. If you choose well, it will be inexpensive and elegant. For instance, a single peony floating in a decorative bowl will class up the bathroom, while a handful of red tulips will bring a party-perfect pop of colour to the bedroom.

Keep the decor simple
People don’t really expect a properly decorated venue, since they know you have just shifted and are in no position to decorate for a housewarming party. So, go simple on the decor. Just relax and bask in the glory of the new house and, of course, enjoy the party!


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