IBBL SME investment to reduce rural-urban gap

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IIBL) has been working to strengthen the rural economy by reducing rural-urban financial gap through diversification of its investment in rural areas.

In this regard, the Bank has taken initiatives to explore potential avenues of investment in the rural areas, develop new entrepreneurs, empower women and include underprivileged people in the financial sectors.

IBBL logoThe Bank will invest local deposit to the rural areas. Through diversification policy, the bank is prioritizing the micro investment alongside large and medium financing. Currently the Bank has a total of SME clients including 57 thousand micro investment clients. Of them 80% are women.

Islami Bank, the largest SME handling Bank in the country has invested Tk. 181 billion in the SME sector. In disbursement of SME investment, IBBL’s handles SME disbursement 17% in the National level and 27% in privet sectors. The SME investment product of the Bank is open for the real entrepreneurs that include women entrepreneurs’ investment scheme, micro industries investment scheme, vehicle investment scheme and expatriate investment scheme.

IBBL is conducting the SME projects under two separate divisions considering the role of SME in employment generation and contribution to the National economy. The Bank provides terms, continuous and working capital finance in SME sectors under its mode of investment HPSM, Bai-Murabaha, Bai Muajjal, Mudaraba and Musharaka.

The bank invests Tk. 50 thousand to 10 lac in the applicable SME sector including food, agro products, leather, garments, handicrafts, electronics, processing and other service oriented sectors permissible by Islamic Shariah and law of the land.