ICC, B President, VP off to Singapore

ICC Bangladesh President Mahbubur Rahman and ICC Bangladesh Vice President Latifur Rahman left Dhaka on 16 March for Singapore to attend the Extra-Ordinary World Council Meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris to be held on 18 March in Singapore.

ICCBMahbubur Rahman will also attend the Meeting of the Permanent Heads of ICC National Committees on 17 March. ICC Bangladesh Vice President Latifur Rahman who is a member of Global ICC Executive Board will be attending the World Council and the Executive Board Meetings.

The Council will deliberate on extension of the current Chairmanship terms, increase of the Chairmanship terms, addition of Vice Chairs and creation of First Vice Chair, extension of authorization to the Executive Board and Resolution for the creation of the ICC Academy. They will be returning back to Dhaka on 21 March.