Lafarge conducts health, safety workshop for workers

Employees of Lafarge Surma Cement Limited (LSC) head office conducted Health and Safety workshops for the construction workers of various Real Estate Companies.

PhotoThese workshops are being conducted as part of Lafarge’s effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the construction workers of Bangladesh, by educating and training them on Health and Safety matters and procedures. These are also being conducted as part of Lafarge’s effort to engage employees in volunteering activities for the welfare of the society and environment.

During this one month campaign, 160 Head Office employees of LSC will conduct 40 workshops for more than 1,000 construction workers working in 20 real estate companies.

Eight employees of LSC conducted the 2 workshops today in the construction sites of Building Technology and Ideas Ltd. located in Dhaka City. More than 50 construction workers attended the workshops, which consisted of picture and video based presentations and interactive activities. Lafarge also distributed safety equipments for the construction workers after the workshop.

On this occasion, Marketing Director of Lafarge Surma Cement, Ms. Shamarukh Fakhruddin said, “As a socially responsible and Health and Safety conscious company, Lafarge has always been concerned about the safety of the construction workers. We want to add value in this area with our experience and best practices in Health and Safety matters; and combining that with the high level of commitment and support of the Real Estate companies, we believe we can bring major improvements in this area together. We have plans to expand this initiative to more construction sites across Bangladesh in the near future.”

“This initiative has also been undertaken as part of Lafarge’s Sustainable Ambitions 2020, where Lafarge has set a target of contributing 1 million volunteer hours per year by 2020 in locally beneficial projects. We have decided to contribute 1,500 volunteering hours in Bangladesh in 2014.” she added.