Lakho Konthe Shonar Bangla underway

The commencement of the initiative “Lakho Konthe Shonar Bangla” was announced on March 2, 2014. A possible participation of approximately 3 lakh people will celebrate the 43rd Independence Day of Bangladesh singing the national anthem of Bangladesh. This possible participation of approximately 3 lakh people will create a new official world record. The preparation of this grand event is underway in full speed through finalizing the execution plans; stated Principal Staff Officer of Armed Forces Division Lieutenant General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, ndc, psc.

Final_NimonicUnder primary arrangements, members of the Armed Forces Division, students of schools, colleges and universities, workers of the garments industry along with people from all walks of will participate to sing the national anthem. To ensure the perfect depiction of the national anthem, an audio CD of the standardized sung version has been provided ShilpakalaAcademy supplied to the respective organization.

Promotional activities have also been undertaken in various social media platforms. The facebook page ( of “Lakho Konthe Shonar Bangla” already consists of 19,959 fans while the number is increasing by 1,942 on an average every day. The official website ( of this initiative has already been visited 36,992 times. The standardized sung version of the national anthem has also been uploaded in the website for the facilitation of the general public.