MBL Half-Yearly Business Conference held  

The “Half-Yearly Business Conference – 2014” participated by the Heads of Branches and Divisional Heads of Head Office of Mercantile Bank Limited (MBL) held at a local hotel on Saturday (09.08.14). The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest and Chairman of the Bank Mr. Morshed Alam, M.P. and was presided over by the Managing Director and CEO Mr. M. Ehsanul Haque.

finalMr. M. S. Ahsan – Vice Chairman, Mr. Al-Haj Akram Hussain (Humayun) –Chairman- Executive Committee, Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam – Chairman- Audit Committee, Mr. Md. Shahabuddin Alam -Chairman, Risk Management Committee; Directors- Mr. M. Amanullah, Mr. Mohd. Selim and Al-Haj Mosharref Hossain; Sponsors – Mr. S. M. Shafiqul Islam (Mamun), Mr. Md. Nasiruddin Choudhury; Shareholders – Mr. S M Abdul Mannan  and Mr. M A Khan Belal; Bank’s Additional Managing Directors Mr. Md. Abdul Jalil Chowdhury and Mr. Monindra Kumar Nath, Deputy Managing Directors, Mr. Mohammad Masoom and Mr. Mati ul Hasan were present in the program.


In the conference, achievement and performance of the Bank during the first half of 2014 have been reviewed and strategies to achieve the targets for rest of 2014 have been formulated.