Modi’s speech influences killing Muslims in Asam: Omar  

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, Omar Abdullah on Saturday said there seems to be a connection between Modi’s recent speech criticizing Bangladeshi immigrants in India and the unprovoked killing of Muslims in Assam.

Narendra_Modi_AssamResponding to a question on the violence in Assam where more than thirty people have been killed in a spate of attacks by suspected tribal militants, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, without naming Narendra Modi attacked him where the latter in one of his speech in a rally had said that if he comes to power then he will initiate action against illegal Bangladeshis residing in this part of the country and pack them off.

“It cannot be a coincidence that you run a campaign in that part of the country where you paint all Muslims as Bangladeshi illegal immigrants; suddenly thirty Muslims are killed in unprovoked violence. Clearly, there is a connection somewhere,” Omar said.

“You cannot lead this country by fear, by division. That is why we are so keen to see a person like Rahul Gandhi assumes the office of prime minister as he is not trying to scare people into voting for him.

“If you try and divide people and instill fear in the hearts of people then these are the sort of results,” Omar added.