Money-whitening scope to go

Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Friday said the upcoming budget will not offer any opportunity to legalise black money, although he mentioned nothing about the controversial provision in his budget speech.

MuhithSpeaking at a post-budget press conference in the capital’s Osmani Memorial Auditorium, the minister said the government had offered the opportunity to legalise black money for investing in stock market and housing sector.

“Tk 34 crore has been whitened in the last budget. From that point of view, there is no black money in the country,” he said.

“Black money remains in other ways but this scope is cancelled from now on. So, there is no black money whitening scope in this budget though it was not mentioned in my budget speech,” the minister added.

“We will incorporate it [in the budget],” Muhith said adding there is no reason to give the scope to whiten black money.

-Star Online