Pre-wedding trial makeup, it’s important

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. As much time you spend for trying out your wedding outfit and checking out matching jewellery, it is equally important to go for a test run with your makeup artist too. You needn’t worry about how the makeup will turn out, as the idea is to zero in on a look after trying a few.

Absolutely Do:

Talk to your makeup artist: When you go for a trial makeup, make sure you tell him/her what exactly you have in mind. If you have a picture of the makeup you want, show them. This will help the artist to understand the look you want for your big day. Also, when having a chat with your stylist, list down the things that you don’t want. So, he/she doesn’t end up giving you one of those looks.

Sit for the trial makeup: When your makeup artist gives you different options, be open about whether you like it or not. While the expert might give their opinion, it is you who will be sporting the look. But allow the stylist to try out different looks, so that you have options to choose from.

Take pictures: As and when your makeup artist is trying out different looks, take pictures in different lights so that you have an idea how it looks on you. This will also help you choose the look you want.  -Source:brides and care,bridal make-up