PSTN, Internet subscriber base drops in Jan

Bangladesh ended January 2015 with 1.081 million PSTN telephony subscribers, down from 1.086 million subscribers in December 2014. BTCL led the market with 798,000 subscribers, followed by Ranks Telecom with 262,000 PSTN customers, figures from regulator BTRC show. BanglaPhone ended the month with 5,000 PSTN users, while World Tel had 15,000 PSTN subscribers at end-January this year.

molbile internetBangladesh ended January 2015 with 42.76 million active internet subscribers, down from 43.64 million internet subscribers at the end of December 2014. The mobile internet base reached 41.30 million in January, down from 42.17 million in the previous month, according to figures from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). The number of fixed-line internet users amounted to 1.24 million in January, up from 1.23 million in the previous month, while the number of Wimax subscribers reached 223,000 in January this year, down from 232,911 at end-2014.


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