S Africa at new height!

amla-du-plessis-west-indies400- a figure much revered by the teams and in world cup finals it is something the sides can die for. But for South Africa the figure seems almost trifle. For the second time in a single WC they have touched their second 400 and becomes the only team to achieve this incredible feat.

Few days before the amassed 408 losing only 5 against West Indies. Today, they have done it against Ireland, again breaking previous record with 411 on the board and 6 wickets idling. Hashim Amla’s blitzing 159 and Duplesis’ cool 109 set the base for the mountain. They have set highest 2nd wicket partnership for South Africa in world cups.

After 247 partnership breaks and AB Dvilliers back after a cameo, Rossoew (61) and Miller (46) took the baton to wreck havoc on Irish bowler. This score is second highest team total in the world cups. India crushed Barmuda with 413 runs in 2007 wordl cup. So far South Africa has crossed 400 marks for 5 times. India is the only other team to cross this mark as much times.