SME foundation to promote women entrepreneurs in S Asia

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Foundation will help form a regional network of women entrepreneurs in South Asia.

The authorities of the foundation assured a visiting delegation comprising of 30 women entrepreneurs from South and Central Asian countries and representatives from the US State Department and the Asia Foundation on Sunday.

SME-Foundation The delegation visited the SME Foundation on Thursday, said a press release on Sunday.

The women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka shared experiences and activities of the respective countries in development of women entrepreneurs.

They viewed that if an effective regional network of women entrepreneurs can be formed, the development of women entrepreneur will be expedited and the females will be empowered economically.

The visiting delegation members hoped that the assistance of the US state department, the Asia Foundation and the SME Foundation will continue to build the effective regional network among women entrepreneurs of the South and Central Asian countries.

Managing Director Dr Syed Md Ihsanul Karim, member of its board of directors and also President of Bangladesh Women in Technology Luna Shamsuddoha, General Managers SM Shaheen Anwar and Mujibur Rahman, among others, were present.