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Real-life trial for oral cholera vaccine successful in BD

The first real-life trial of the oral cholera vaccine Shanchol has been deemed safe to use and viable for protection against the disease. Results reveal that severe life-threatening cases of cholera was reduced by nearly 40% among those vaccinated. Cholera a bacterial illness that typically enters the body through contaminated water or food. choleraThe study, published in The Lancet, examined the drug's effectiveness in urban Bangladesh where the disease is endemic. The findings represent a huge step toward controlling outbreaks and developing effect...

Oral cholera vaccines end dreadful disease in BD

It is a sigh of relief for Bangladesh, where oral cholera is an endemic disease, as a vaccine called Shanchol which is given as part of routine health services has been tagged safe and will protect children and adults from severe cholera. The findings lend support to the use of the vaccine in routine mass vaccination programmes to help to control cholera in endemic countries. oral colera vacccineThe study shows that even with moderate vaccination coverage, cases of severe life-threatening cholera were reduced by nearly 40 pe...