5:08 pm - Wednesday February 21, 2948
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Dhaka Foodies, Coca Cola to hold ‘Sehri Nights’ again

Dhaka Foodies, along with Coca Cola, is set to hold yet another gastronomical extravaganza titled ‘Sehri Nights’ at International Convention City Bashundhara. It is slated to be held from June 23-25, from 10PM till 4AM. Ticket prices have been set at Tk 100, but it will be free for children under the age of ten. Every entrant will receive a free packet of ice cream on behalf of Polar. Dhaka foodyBrands and restaurants making their return to Dhaka Foodies events include Bengal Meat, Rice & Noodles, Nandos, Madc...

Bagdoom launches Eid Collection

This Ramadan, with an aim of providing the service of shopping from home without any hassle to the customers, Bagdoom.com has brought in a grand arrangement of a wide range of products and campaigns in celebration of Ramadan and Eid. To mark the holy month of Ramadan, Bagdoom's line of products include Janamaz for sale, saree and lungi for Zakaat offering and exclusive combo-packs of attar-tasbih-prayer tupi. Adding a touch of style to this Eid, Bagdoom has launched their "Eid Collection", which is bedazzling on the website with ethnic wear and accessories for women, panjabis and tshirts for men and a vast range of

Bagdoom gets ‘Best Lifestyle Category in E-commerce’ award

Bagdoom, the leading name among e-commerce platforms of Bangladesh received the prestigious award of “Best Lifestyle Category in E-commerce” at ‘eCourier Summer Merchants Meet-up 2016’, held at All Community Club in Gulshan-2 of the capital yesterday. ‘eCourier eCourier awardSummer Merchant Meet-up 2016’ was organized by eCourier Ltd, an eco-friendly courier service in Dhaka, providing delivery service mainly to eCommerce companies and to non e-commerce clients as well. Bagdoom.com is the rebranded identity of ...

Summer fruits promotion in Le Meridien Dhaka

This summer, Le Méridien Dhaka is hosting a ten-day Summer Fruit promotion in its all day dining restaurant Latest Recipe, starting from Thursday, 26 May 2016. With a focus on the newly ripe fruits craze that overwhelms the people of Bangladesh every mangosummer, the hotel’s Chefs of the World have designed all-new recipes that range from appetisers to main courses to desserts. These delicious new recipes will be showcased with the regular buffet dinner in Latest Recipe for a promotional price of BDT 3,500 nett per person every ...

Genes help determine education level: study

Scientists said Wednesday they had identified 74 genes that partially determine how far someone gets in school, depending on which variant of those genes a person possesses. Compared to environmental factors such as diet, family circumstances and opportunity, this hard-wiring has only a meagre influence, accounting for less than half of one percent of the outcome. Even when combined with all known genetic variants across the human genome, that share only rises to about three percent, reports AFP. But the findings, published in Nature, are robust enough to help researchers match genetically-

Mother’s day plans at Le Meridien Dhaka

It is the first Mother’s Day celebration at Le Méridien Dhaka since the hotel began its operation. As usual, the hotel has designed a host of creative engagements for guests to participate in to make the day more memorable this 08 May 2016. The hotel’s all day dining restaurant Latest Recipe, which is well-craved for it interactive live-kitchen buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner and chocolate confectionery, has also arranged LMD_Mothers Day-1a special baker’s corner for guests bringing in their mothers to...