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Swarm electrification in Bangladesh village

In Bangladesh, daily power outages are simply expected. Cities like Dhaka and Chittagong experience around two to three hours of “load shedding” every day when residents are deliberately cut off from electricity in a bid to conserve power. And load shedding happens even more often in rural areas. Bangladesh’s power is unreliable in part because of its vulnerability to changes in weather: When temperatures rise in hot summers, power consumption goes up as people use more fans and air conditioners—demand often outstrips the limited supply of electricity. Dry seasons

Huge growth prospects of rental power in Bangladesh

The Indian subcontinent power rental market was valued at over $100 million in 2014 according to a research report by Verify Markets. The market in India was the largest within the Indian Subcontinent by far followed by Pakistan and then Bangladesh. Bangladesh also contributes towards the temporary power or rental power plants in the region. However, those plants have an uncertain future. Once the country commissions its permanent power plants, most of those plants will likely shut down by 2020. quick rentalMany of these permanent power plants...