4:42 pm - Thursday January 18, 6694

Traders seek business tie-ups at Siliguri trade fair  

Bangladesh traders are attending a trade fair here, with the objective of expanding their business opportunities.

The Kanchenjunga Trade Fair is being held in a stadium.

Traditional Bangladesh saris, including Dakai Jamdani, Dakai Silk, Dakai Kota, Tangail Tat and Moslin, and many more varieties, have been put on display at fair stalls.

bd-indiaA customer, Laxmi Kundu, said: “I am glad that this fair is happening. I have purchased some things that I liked. If possible, I would have liked to go to Bangladesh, but I would like more goods to come from there.”

Indian and Bangladesh handicrafts were showcased at the fair.

One of the organiser’s of the fair, Sukhendu Paul, said: “The more commerce is exchanged between the two nations, the greater the bonds will be strengthened.”

Trade ties between the two countries have been affected in recent times by a series of strikes and political instability in Bangladesh. Both countries have struggled to establish good ties ever since India helped to create independent Bangladesh in 1971 from what was then East Pakistan.

Economic growth in Bangladesh in fiscal 2014-15 is expected to remain at less than six percent due to political turmoil. However, non-food inflation had eased to 5.26 percent in March from 5.37 percent in February.