BIAC training on drafting arbitration clause

 To address the problem of congestion of cases at every level of our  court system and get around complex court procedures, the Government has undertaken a number of measures to expedite disposal of cases. A number of significant amendments have been enacted in recent years making ADR as a method of settlement of disputes alternative to court system. But to get results of these edit 2changes in our laws we require trained ADR professionals in the country. This training programme, organized by BIAC, will help a long way in creating a pool of ADR professionals in the country.

Overview & Drafting of an Arbitration Clause is the first module of a series of training programmes on arbitration to be conducted by BIAC. This training will provide incisive details about arbitration, and the skills necessary to draft a dispute settlement clause – a fundamental requirement in commercial contracts. The training took place at BIAC, on Tuesday, 27th January 2015.

The trainers were Former Attorney General Barrister Fida M. Kamal, Barrister Imtiaz Farooq and Barrister Nilufar Mannan. Certificates were given to the trainees on successful completion of the course.


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