Two new mixed albums by new artists soon

Animatix Records always try to promote new artists to the music loving community. In 2011 and 2012, Animatix Records successfully released “Project ROCK” & “Tribute From Bangladesh”. Now the sequel “Project ROCK 2” & “Tribute From Bangladesh 2” are going to release.

“Project ROCK 2” has 10 songs of mellow rock, soft rock, hard rock & alternative rock genre. Artists are: Tripoth, Delta, Frontline Poems, Jatiswar, Error, Camouflaged, Frantic, Banjon The Band, Crystal Rock, & Thousand Dais. Album co-ordinator is Bappy.

sing“Tribute From Bangladesh 2” has 14 songs. All the bands covered in their styles of popular western bands. Listeners will fine different taste in the songs. Artists are: Deatholic (Dio), Bay of Bengal (Megadeth), Oboyob (Pink Floyd), Rasheeq Raihan (Porcupine Tree), Cranial Shadow (Killswitch Engage), Thousand Dais (System of a Down), Demonic (Sepultura), Cave (Creed), Allegation of Crime (Six Feet Under), Art Crimes (Guns N Roses), Nokchurn (Dokken), Studio 13 (Cold Play), Wreckreation (Madonna), Mahaan With Six Strings (3 Doors Down).

The album launching program will be held on 20th September, 5pm-7pm at Animatix Records Studio. The program is open for all.

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