UN calls for probing electoral frauds

Aware of the rigging in Tuesdays’ city polls, the United Nations has urged ‘competent authorities’ in Bangladesh to investigate all allegations of rigging.

The UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, also urged the country’s Ban ki Moonopposition to use the democratic institutions to express its concerns.

“The secretary-general is aware of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s decision to boycott the Dhaka and Chittagong elections amid allegations of electoral fraud,” deputy spokesperson of the UN chief said during a briefing in New York on Tuesday.

The UN official informed the media that Ban Ki-moon appealed “to all parties to express their differences through peaceful means”.

The secretary-general was quoted to have reiterated his call on all political leaders to find a peaceful resolution to the current situation.

The United States and the UK have also called for proper investigation after numerous allegations of vote rigging surfaced during the polls.

-Prothom Alo