4:32 pm - Saturday September 25, 3830

WBC awards Samsung Mobile Bangladesh

World Brand Congress (WBC) has very recently awarded Samsung Mobile Bangladesh under the ‘Best use of Social Media in Marketing’ category. The World Brand Congress, held this year in Singapore, honors the world’s branding and marketing elite for Brand

World Brand Congress Awards PhotoMahzabin Ferdous, Manager of BTL and Digital Media, of Samsung Mobile Bangladesh received the award.

Samsung Mobile Bangladesh utilizes its social media with the primary focus to engage heavily with both potential and existing customers, giving them an extremely interactive platform. Tools range from user-generated campaigns to witty technology-based quizzes and online games to pre-book promotions for their flagship products. Over the years, the company has launched very popular online reality shows as well featuring celebrities and idols of the country’s youth. Not only that, every day the Facebook page alone receives over 450 queries on an average which are answered within 3 hours with personalized replies and real-time solutions.

“We have experienced a brilliant surge in direct communication and interaction among our customers and well-wishers regarding our products and services on our official

Facebook page in the last three years. We believe our social media tools have played a great role in boosting our sales as well as the consumer’s faith in the brand, Samsung”, said Mahzabin Ferdous, Manager of BTL and Digital Media, Samsung Mobile Bangladesh.

She also adds, “Having a social media platform not only adds credibility for the business as well as changes consumers’ perception of the company’s products/services”.