Women’s guide to using the razor correctly

With new hair removal razors hitting the market, using them in the right way is of utmost importance. Here are a few dos and don’ts you can read before you pick up that razor.


1. Stretch when using razors – The underarm skin and behind your knees is supple and flexible to allow movement at these jointed areas, which can make it harder to use razors as the skin moves with the razor. To keep these areas as taut as possible for a cleaner finish, stretch your arm up and reach your hand behind your shoulder, and pull your leg straight.

2. Don’t soak in the bath for too long before using a razor –The skin will over-hydrate and swell slightly as it begins to absorb water. This will compromise the smoothness of the finish. The optimum time for a pre-razor soak is approximately one to two minutes.

3. Don’t apply too much pressure on your razor – A precision made female razor is designed to glide with minimum effort over the skin’s surface.

4. Don’t worry about direction – Modern razors are so effective that you can use razors in any direction that feels comfortable to you. However the hair on our underarm area grow in random directions so for a truly clean feeling you need to work in a variety of directions also.

5. Do leave fiddly bits until last – Ankles, back of knees and thighs are best dealt with as you get into the flow of using your razor and are most in control of the razor.

6. Do moisturise skin – The skin on your legs contains far fewer oil glands than on your face or back so it is vital to maintain a healthy surface barrier with moisturising creams. If you are using a razor you want to prevent drag by making the surface slippery. Secondly, you want to maintain the integrity of the top skin layer which is only 2-5 microns thick, therefore moisturising after using a razor to preserve it is paramount.

7. Do change the blade on your razor – Change the blade regularly as old blades can lead to skin irritation and less comfort.

8. Do store your razor correctly – Store your razor in an upright position and somewhere dry. Do not leave it on the bath side in pools of water as this is a breeding ground for bacteria.

9. Clean it the right way – Don’t rub your razor to try to clean it with brushes or towels simple rinsing should do the job. You could blunt the blade and damage the coatings – these blades are incredibly fine and you need that coating.

10. Exfoliate – The epilating system does not remove skin layers, so exfoliating with a separate product as part of your skincare routine helps to avoid ingrown hair.


Source : Priyo