Workshop on art of communication held in city

‘It was an outstanding program which radically changed my previous understandings about effective communication’, said Sumon Selim who took part in a workshop on The Art of Communication organized by Bangladesh Youth Empowerment Society (BYES) at the EMK Center, Dhanmondi in the capital recently.

BYES has been working for youth empowerment and development through different capacity building programs and this workshop was the latest addition of those programs. It was a houseful event as the auditorium of EMKCenter was packed with participants. Even the lounge was full of some enthusiasts who were standing outside the auditorium. ‘After the announcement of the event, we received an overwhelming response and struck by the enthusiasm to attend the workshop. We spent 5- 6 hours debating as a group on selections and finally invited 75 students from more than 250 applications.

art of communicationUnfortunately, it is not logistically possible for us to handle many more but we look forward to arranging more workshops in the coming future’, Chief Lead of BYES, Mr. Jillur Rahim was talking about the program. Students from more than 25 different institutions have participated in the workshop.

The chief resource person of the workshop was Parveen Sultana Huda, Managing Director of Renaissance Consultants Ltd and Founder & CEO of ExperienceAcademy, is a widely recognized HR professional of Bangladesh with more than 19 years of experience.

The workshop was commenced by the welcoming address of Chief Lead of BYES while the Program Development Lead of BYES Mr. Zunaid Almamun hosted the event. Right after welcoming, the participants were taken to an ‘Ice Breaking Game’. ‘It was full of fun and exciting to know so many people only within 5 minutes which I have never even imagined’, Kamrun Naher, a student from Dhaka University, was expressing her experience gleefully. BYES congratulated the most interactive three participants of the ice breaking game as they successfully interacted with more than thirty participants within just 5 minutes.

Parveen Sultana Huda conducted a two and half hours long session on ‘Writing CV/Resume, Writing Cover Letter and Preparing for an Interview’ which gave participants a thorough insight on how to communicate effectively with the employers. She emphasized on researching the organization before applying to any particular job and discussed about the ways to grab attention of an employer within 30 seconds through one’s CV/Resume. She also elucidated the imperatives of preparing a CV/Resume as well as outlined how to make appropriate references of one’s skills and expertise. Ms. Huda shed some light on how a job-seeker can communicate his/her interest, motivation and strength through the cover letter.

She also arranged a demo interview by picking two attendees and suggested what to do and what not to do in a typical interview. She ended her session by sharing some real life experiences and encouraged the participants to be prepared for the competitive milieu. After her marathon session, Md Jillur Rahim announced the names of three best participants based on their interaction at the workshop and certified them. The certification session was followed by the closing remarks of Asiqur Rab, Co-Lead of BYES, who thanked everyone for making the program successful.